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Join us in our mission to create a more inclusive, ethical, and digitally literate society. Explore our volunteer-led initiatives that tackle pressing societal issues in today's digital age. Our projects are driven by passionate students dedicated to making a positive impact on the world through innovative solutions and advocacy.

Social Media Safety & Addiction

Addressing the growing concerns around social media usage among young people. Our initiatives promote safe practices, raise awareness about addiction, and provide resources for healthier online habits.

Bridging Digital Literacy Divides

Empowering older adults with essential digital skills. We aim to close the digital literacy gap for vulnerable individuals, ensuring that older generations can navigate and benefit from the digital world with confidence.

Ethical Utilization of AI

Exploring the transformative potential of artificial intelligence in educational settings. Our projects emphasize the ethical considerations of AI, advocating for responsible and equitable AI integration to enhance learning experiences.

Community Campaigns

In addition to our core projects, we run community campaigns that amplify our mission and reach broader audiences. These campaigns and outreach programs are designed to engage and educate various community members on critical tech issues, fostering collaboration and dialogue.

Past Events & Impact

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Social Media
Safety Campaign

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